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Who I love the most



Like most people, I'm looking for that one person to truly love for the rest of my life. Now, I have Kathy but I was so desperate for that life long love that I settled for the one who agreed to marry me and paid for it.


Recently I've been talking with friends and soul searching and I found the one person that I can love the rest of my life unconditionally. It's funny how fate brought us together, but in return I know I'll be a much better person for it.


Learning to like this person physically has been a challenge in itself. Sure, they have their flaws, but who doesn't. The trick is to learn to see the inner beauty and realise that even with flaws they are the most beautiful person in the world. When they're 60, they might be wrinkled, plump, and sagging in strange places, but that in itself is the beauty of someone with experience.


The inner beauty can also take on ugly tones along with good ones. All you have to do is learn to merge these and see the person as a whole. No one is perfect, but it's the inperfections that make them unique. Stereotypes are made from noticing common threads inside people. But, people are unique when every aspect is meged together.


So, I meged the good, the bad, and the ugly and found that I love this person I have found. How was I able to go so long without realizing that the one that I could love forever was walking the earth?


Now I have to ask myself if I should have fun with everyone and not reveal who it is until possibly tomorrow. Or maybe I should go ahead and tell.


I love a good tease and think I'll wait. Besides, it will be a good moral lesson when everyone who reads my blogs finds out who this person is.


So, tomorrow I will let everyone know who I have found to love the rest of my life. And then you all will know who can mend a broken heart and bring a smile to a face that has seen too little smiles.


And since I know that I will be asked for clues, here are a few to keep you wondering until tomorrow.


1) They are a member

2) Their name is on my profile page

3) They have dark hair and blue eyes

4) They were a member the day I joined


Now, I'll let everyone go crazy in figuring out who it is. Just don't PM and annoy anybody on my budy list. Just have fun and try to figure out who it is, and I promise that my blog tomorrow will tell you if you are right or wrong. So just keep your suspentions in line and wait for the thrilling conclusion. biggrin.gif


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mmmmmmmm, for a MOMENT i thought you had some secret crush on ME!!!!!!!!! then i saw the part about how they were physically challenging to love, i KNEW it can't be ME, not ME, PALEASE DON'T RUIN MY SELF CONFIDENCE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL

can't wait for the answer!!!!!!!




p.s. this had better be good uhm.gifScratch-Head.gif

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Mom is so damn smart. She stole my other guess! My other guess is Kathy or the dog or cat.


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I think I know WHO it is, but I will wait and see if my ESP is 'working'.


I've 'searched' a few blog entries, and yes, I would 'bet my hair' on the answer. WAIT !!!! I ain't got any hair. roflmao.gif Oh well, here are some of the clues that I've 'discovered':


1) Both live on same coast.


2) Name has 1 more letter in it.


3) Wrote a few Blogs on similar topic.


4) your name and 'loved one' name have some letters that are the same (I AM NOT saying how many though).


To all the rest, put on your thinking caps.




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I'm going with Jean, Pam and Tom on this one.


That is a great realization Michael. Any input on how you managed it?

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I go along with the majority- yourself or the dog.


Actually the only thing that gives unconditional love is a dog. In Reiki, we try for that but when it comes down to questioning, everyone there agrees it's the dog. There are never any if ands or buts.


I don't think a person can love themself unconditionally because we know we have flaws. We can forgive these and make excuses, but its always there for us to see.


Well, I'll stay tuned..............

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