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Men Bikinis..........:)




I guess I am hard up on blogs.... but Howie on Big Brother spawned my idea of buying my hubby men bikinis. I had no idea, that they actually made them!!!!!! I bought him a package of 5 today and put them in his underwear drawer. He has the body for them, so why not wear them for your wife? unless, you may get ridiculed from the guys, if they see them on you.Let's hope hubby doesn't get bored at work tonight, and check out my blogs again:) smile.gif. I'm not publishing it in a local paper.


I went and received Botox injects today from my Nuero. My girlfriends drooled over him, when I was in the hospital. Some of them tried to schedule a Pap Smear with 'em, but the receptionist said he didn't do that procedure.


My hubby was off of work for the past 14 days pash.gif , now he is back at work, and the house feels so empty. sad.gif DD and I sure enjoyed his time home biggrin.gif


I got out of my routine, and let the laundry go...I am playing catch up tonight. head_hurts.gif


My sister will be induced on Monday15th!!I am a proud aunt already!! happydance.gifhappydance.gif


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hey Amy:


I m speechless on bikini topic, u know me, talking anything sexual considered perverted in my mind, raise that way, so no comment on that, don't forget to tell ur nrphew happy independence day of India on 15th



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