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10 things the stroke gave me..



10 things my stroke gave me

1. A good friend, and life saver, Asha. I love you Asha pash.gifflowers.gif

2. Quality time home with mydaughter for 2 yrs before she entered public school bouncesmile.gif

3. Empathy towards people with disabilities

4. Teaching my daughter diversity

5. $0.00 in savings account lol_2.gif

6. Freedom from dealing with other people's kids/parents. head_hurts.gif

7. A nice Salary for staying at home being lazy gleam.gif

8. Knowing my true friends, and fair weather friends.

9. Being able to causually talk about my Botox treatments with friends giggle.gif

10. Having the oppurtunity to get to know the community in which I live. ( I used to work in a different community/town)

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hey Amy:


who knows who saved who, but its mutual got lifelong friend without any pretense, once for u, i m thankful to stroke


love u



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