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Becoming old



I have just had another three days off.

I have just spent 5 days camping in my MIL garden with my 2 boys.

Bear with me on this one:

My father is in his 70's and my mother is in her 80's .

My father is a golf fanatic and my boys are pretty keen as well. Every year my dad comes up to play an amateur golf tornament in the town my MIL stays. He has been doing this for about 15 years. So my parents go and stay with my MIL. She has a smallish houseof only 2 bedrooms so if the boys and I want to stay as well we have to stay in a tent.

The past 3 years the boys have been caddying for my dad and one of his freinds. They enjoy it, earn some pocket money and help out the old guys( dads words LOL).

Usually I or hubby just drop them off and pick them up a few days later. This years I decided to stay. To spend a bit of time with mum, when dad was playing golf.


This meant I had to drive for 2 hrs- I havent driven further than 30 mins for 2 yrs. Also sleeping on the ground in the tent.

Well I accomplished both, so feel pleased with my self. I just had to have a couple of stops when I was driving, so that was ok. We have quite a big tent so I was able to put in a fold up chair for me to sit on when I got dressed and undressed and to help haul my self up from the ground.


I was also taking Mum places, which was good but so very tiring. Mum is not very mobile now, and her balance is not good. So she is very slow at walking and unsteady. I knew if she stumbled I would not be able to catch her, so it was a bit of a traumatic time for me. I also wasnt sure how far she could walk, she seemd to be getting breathless at the slightest incline. She refuses to use a walking stick. I have tried to encourage her to use collaspible one like i use , but she wont have it. She gets very tetchy and irratible for no reason sometimes. I think to my self am I looking in the mirror................ sad.gif

I havnt always found it easy to get on with Mum, but I think have mellowed with age uhm.gif



My MIL is the complete opposite. Admittedly she is bit younger, she is only in her 70's. She has so much energy, much more than me. Consequently, she never sits down and constantly fusses. When she does sit down she dozes and then she is off again. She is like the preverbial Duracell bunny biggrin.gif


I know who I would like to be like when I grow old. I know who I will be like. Oh well the boys have been fore warned lol_2.gif


I have paid the price for all the activity. I have had a mother of all headaches since Wednesday.I think it is gradually subsiding.head_hurts.gif It just my body telling me to rest I think. Neeeedsleeep.gifYawn.gif Fat chance.

Have a good weekend every one.



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Man I admire you. I'm 45 (3yrs post stroke) and just reading it was tiring me out. How old are you? I haven't been able to sleep in a tent and actually sleep since before the stroke. I've got a mom who's 75 and I can't keep up with her either...It seems like a headache crops up on me too when I just can't pace myself and its everyone else who schedule is busy....Bet the boys had fun caddying... beer.gif I think the most I've driven is maybe an hour for my longest stretch.....I wish I could handle a few hour drive up north...

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I am so proud of you! Well with you camping in a tent, you are a better woman then I'll ever be. I don't camp! I want all the modern day comforts.

And driving and taking your mom around, you go girl! You're my inspiration.


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