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End of the summer



My boys went back to school today. It was a shock to the system as we all had to get up earlier.

But they managed it and seemed to have a good day. My eldest son sat his first set of exams last term. He did very well- he took 8 subjects and got 1's in all of them. A 1 is the top mark so I feel really proud of him. Clap-Hands.gif This year he does 5 subjects and does them do a higher level. So it is going to be hard work. He only has 2 more years at school- this one and next year then may be off to University. It is his life I dont want to plan it for him, but you want them to do well.


It seems amazing he only has 2 more years at school. When he was a screaming baby and people said it will seem like no time before they are off to school......I wa sthinking I wish he was there now...........but now..........where has my baby gone....???uhm.gif


This a blog of random thoughts. Yes I know I am tired...... Yawn.gif


I was just thinking about how lucky I have been these last couple of days.

A sparrow hawk came into the garden yesterday ( a smallish bird of prey). It was so exciting to see it- not so good for the little song bird he manged to swoop on. I suppose he has to live somehow. Coming home on the bus today I saw a red deer hind with her young calf in a field near home. It was very unusual to see them mid afternoon, but a pleasure for me.


It is all peace and quite here at the moment: my eldest son is at a concert, my youngest is at football training, hubby is in London. So I can do what I want for an hour.

I was thinking of getting a cup of tea and reading my book- goodness I think I need to live a little. Oh well maybe another day !! yikes.gif



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I wanted to tell you I felt the peace and deep contented sighs coming from your blog entry. Start planning your trip to America and we can experience the tranquility together. I have the deer, turkies and foxes to share. I'll make the coffee and we can hang out outside and watch for the nature. Glad things are looking brighter these days.


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Hi Mary and Pam

I sat in my cousin's garden in 1998 in the English countryside and a fox trotted by, just had a glance at us and went on his way.

I can sit on my front verandah here in OZ and see parrots, honey eaters, birds of all shapes and sizes landing on our native shrubs which are experiencing an early spring. I can hear their songs too, in the early morning.

Isn't being close to nature such a blessing? Especially when we allow ourselves some time to sit and watch and give it our attention.


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