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planet aphasia to planet earth



One way ticket wanted please.


God how I hate living in this world. Most of the time I get by quite nicely, but then unexpectedly the little aphasialings will rear their heads laughing....we had you there... you thought you had gone back down to earth, no you still here in aphsia land.


If I believed in God maybe I could shout -God how i hate it, but would he listen. As I dont believe in God I cant shout to anyone- except my self. I have heard it all before.


Ok I have had my rant.

Just get on and do something about it. Feeling sorry for myself isnt going to help.

Going to close now before I ramble on

Sorry all



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On the Planet Aphasia, we are allowed to shout either out loud or in our heads. Rant on.......




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Hello Mary as a good friend of mine who is a minister says:

"I am not God but I am a friend of his."

Rant all you want. It is a great way of NOT breaking up your closer relationships. And shouting is even better.

I am beginning to see the value in blogging too. We can leave it all here, so that our not so secret thoughts don't get in the way of what we need to do. Here they will safely stay until we want to own them.


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