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todays thoughts



After my tantrum yesterday about aphasia, i have been thinking what have I really got to complain of.

Yes I was upset yesterday because I was frustrated....at the weekend I was unable to comfort a friend who had just split up from her husband, rather suddenly and acrimonously. All I could do was give a hug whilst the tears were flowing. I couldnt find the right words. I kept saying --I dont know what to say. What use is that.


I also wanted to respond to someones blog, but I just couldnt think of the words to say. But I sat and thought about it and I cobbled something together eventually. At least writing I have time to think about it. Conversations are instant.


My son said something as well which "upset" me, he didnt mean to- but that teenagers for I suppose


I should really get it all into perspective- I can walk and talk well enough to hold down a job. So I should be grateful for my lot.

I feel guilty about moaning, but I just feel a bit down suddenly.

Oh it will pass.

Maybe I am more worried about a hospital appt I have on the 29th than I think. It kind of brings all the early days back again.


I think I will tidy up, go to bed and tomorrow is another day

Goodnight all, thanks for "listening".


Mary Neeeedsleeep.gifsleeping.gifsleeping.gif


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Hope tomorrow is a better day for you..

and the hug and I don't know what to say is probably all your friend needed, just to know someone cares. and a hug can say a lot of words.

I know it is frustraiting when the words you want have decided to play hide and seek.


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If one of my friends just gave me a hug, with tears running down her face, that would mean much more than the most eloquent speech.

Sue. pash.gif

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Mary Sue is right sometimes action can speak much brtter than words. the fact that you cried over a friends problems shows you must care a great deal. So don't feel bad. Sometimes I have hard time finding the right words too. And I used to write for a living. Hope everything is going well for you and yours and I hope tommarrow is a better day for you.


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