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17 weeks until Christmas



At least this gets me off blog number 13- unlucky for some. lol_2.gif


This was prompted by a serious conversation I had with a friend about Christmas this week. she new exactly how long it was until Christmas, thinking about presents, her dinner. head_hurts.gifwhoosh.gif I couldnt believe it.


Someone else has blogged about Christmas letters so maybe people are beginning to think about it. I dont think I will go there.....just yet


I have a hospital appt on Monday. I am hoping they will tell me whether i am going to have my hole in the heart (PFO) closed or if I am to stay on medication. I am part of a clinical trial to try and decide what the best long term treatment would be for this type of stroke. If they can prove staying on medication is as effective as having the hole closed, they would advise future strokees to stay on medication. ( all other things being equal).

I have been waiting a long time for this over 18mths. It will be nice to have it sorted one way or the other. They are going to do other test as well (I might get a chance of a phsco- thingy test Charles had ohmy.gif ).

I dont really know what I want to do.

One part of me says have it fixed then no more worries ( I am sure I would find something else to worry about bigwink.gif ). The other part says I am doing OK at the moment dont rock the boat.


Oh well I will find out soon enough


Maybe they are approaching this from the wrong angle. They should be more procactive: they should be trying to find a test to diagnose a PFO before people get strokes. Its a bit of a cruel way to discover you have a PFO.





"Live out of your imagination, not your history." - Stephen Covey


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I also have PFO, it was active one so during my second pregnancy I got stroke, I got my PFO fixed atleast that makes me not worry about second stroke,PFO closing thru catherazatyion was breeze compare to stroke



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Guest lwisman


I was reminded of my grandmother when you started talking about Christmas when it is only August.


My grandmother always bought all of her Christmas gifts in August. She always said she wanted to beat the crowds.


She became ill in October 1967 at the age of 82. She died on Nov 22, the day before Thanksgiving.


In January my two aunts - my Dad's sisters -- started going through her things, sorting, giving to people, pitching, etc. On a shelf in her closet they discovered the Christmas gifts. They were all in boxes ready to be wrapped and had each recipient's name attached. They delivered them to everyone. It was a healing event.

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