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Do bees have a mob?



I think cinder sent her bee down here to harass me today.


I was rekeying a storage room and heard it "bzzzzzzzzzzzz". I look up just in time to duck as this bumble bee comes diver bombing me. I'm not too afraid of these things, so I took a swipe and knocked it out of the ball park (ok, so it went over the hedges into the next door's yard".


I went back to work and a minute later heard it again. I look up and he brought his friend with him. So, I reach into my lock box and pull out the trusty WD, take aim and squirt the little nuisance.


That ended up being a big mistake. Since he was oiled up, he decided it was time to wrestle. So here he is divebombing me while his little pal is sitting on the sidelines with 4 little pom poms cheering him on.


One more dive and I was ready. I back handed him against the wall and watched him fall to the ground stunned. One foot drop later and he was a decoration on the bottom of my shoe.


Guess that wasn't a good idea either. It seems when you mess with one bee, you mess with his whole family. His little buddy flies off and a minute later I here a bee stampede, but can't see where the heck it is comming from.


Luckily about this time, I had the locked working the way it should have been. So, I make a professionally hasty retreat to my van to fill out the invoice.


At least one bee is down, but now I'm probably on some bee mob's hit list.

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hey michael,



BEE happy( lol) the whole family did'nt join in! aint it funny, a six foot 4 inch 200 LB MAN afraid of an itsy bitsy bee!!!!!!! i bet his cries for help went out to all the entire bee family in the south. if i'm out on a job, and a bee stings me soon, I HAVE YOU TO BLAME!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BEE HATER YOU!!!



KIM roflmao.gifroflmao.gifroflmao.gifroflmao.gif

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