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Watch Out For Bird Feeders!!!!!



Did you ever wonder why such stupid things happen to you? Ask.gif


For the past 5 years that we have lived in our home, I have had a bird feeder in the same tree, on the same branch in the same spot. Now you would think that I would remember where it is after so many years. RIGHT!!!!


So today I went outside to cover the grill from last night because we got blasted with a thunderstorm last evening with no warning. The grill is slightly to the right of the tree. The sky was starting to get black again so I also wanted to get Chris' laundry off the line so I guess I was in a hurry and not thinking. Scratch-Head.gif

And then BAM - what did I do I slam my head into the dang bird feeder. Now this isn't a small feeder, you can even see it from the street.


Boy did that hurt. I was seeing stars and felt like I was gonna pass out!!! The first thing I did was check my head to make sure I didn't split it open. I have the worst sore spot - along with a headache all day head_hurts.gif but what concerns me is that I have been nauseated since it happened.


My son has been on my butt all night, he thinks I should have gone to the ER to make sure I don't have a slight concussion from the dang thing. Who has time to sit in an ER for 5 plus hours or spend $1,000 just to have a doctor tell me I have a contusion from hitting the DA-- thing. I certaintly don't.


Oh well, it will get better - maybe I'll learn how to slow down or even better open my eyes!!!! idiot.gif


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