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Welcome to my world, part 2



ok, ok, so i BLEW OFF my therapist and asked for a phone session because i am really tired, i was sick until Monday, and i have to take the d**n subway and bus to work tomorrow because the powers that be still haven't decided to total my car or not. i am just SO TIRED. somewhere in the back of my mind i know that this is because i have several medical conditions that make me tired, but part of me still feels like i'm being lazy-where is my acceptance today?


what number was i up to, anyway?


7. i am married for the second time to a man who is sober in AA/NA for 8 yrs (i'm telling you all this with his express permission) He is a longshoreman, Catholic, Italian/Syrian (his family totally denies the Syrian part). He lived with his parents for 47 years, through his first marriage and divorce. He's a very nice, sweet man who has not been exposed to a lot of things that i take for granted. this brings up a lot of my character defects.


8. i was married to a nice Jewish alcoholic/addict attorney who was a real s*****g. i gave my parents what they wanted with a twist, which i didn't realize at the time. the second time i got married, my mother said, 'As long as it's not Lewis (First husband), i don't care who you marry' Isn't it wonderful that people can change their perceptions?


gotta go-i have to call my therapist.


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