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I have a real coffee table now




I don't know why I am excited about my stupid coffee table, but I am.


It is from our church's rummage sale, nothing new or fancy, but new to me. Our old make-shift 'coffee table' wasn't a real one. A piece of furniture you use, just b/c you will replace it in the near future, well the near future had been 6 years. I guess we just got used to seeing the eye sore in the living room.


The coffee table doesn't match the wood in our house, but it looks better than that 'thing' we did have.

**When you stay home all the time, a new piece of furniture is like a new family member lol_2.gif


I helped with our church's rummage sale yesterday. I met another member, who I didn't know before hand.(that is major for me to step out of my comfort zone, and socialize. Yea me!!)


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hey Amy:


you sound just like me, last year when my therapy ended I decided to go to India alone for alternate treatment, only silver lining in my trip was that I told my hubby that I will get window treatment done over in India which is way cheaper than USA, and will get some jewellary for me

I know it sounds silly but that rocked my boat, so I m glad you got nice coffee table from your church.


the other day I was watching Ashay's baby video, and I was talking about getting furniture for our house which is 8 year ago, we still don't have "the" one, we have things to sit on, but not "the" one










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