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Tyranny of the corporate kind




During the hearing each side has their turn to present their case. Employer went first. The doctor swears he will tell the TRUTH like in a courtroom. Then he reads his report and his interpretation of the facts and reiterates his diagnosis. He stated at the time I had FULL range mobility of my arm which is NOT TRUE. He rehashed the same lies during the hearing. Now why do this? I have my own idea.

They really grilled my neurologist. I was so tense but she answered their questions calmly. They questionned her diagnosis and twisted things around to make it look like she was unqualified to diagnose a depression! (because she is not a psychiatrist!!)

For me the day was pure misery and it's not over yet. Although my neurologist is not required to assist any more, they will be picking ME apart at one point. Since I am now in depression they will have me seen by their psychiatrist (here we go again)

What I know is that this whole business I'm having to deal with is the major factor of my depression. I've worked my axx off in this place. I've had to work EVERY WEEK-END for 11 years until I had enough seniority to have a full-time post. And the caregiving in a nursing home is very exhausting. Apart from the regular basic care to the residents I have to deal with aggressive, sometimes non cooperative persons and have the responsability of providing for their care and needs.

I cannot just quit my job because it doesn't suit me because I stroked and don't have the resilience to work as hard. Anyway, I'd rather not think about that outcome for now.



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I am indeed sorry your employer is putting you through this. You and I are very much alike in that both of us are experiencing corporate tyranny. The difference is you are represented by a union. I unfortunately am not.


Hang in there. You will prevail in the end.


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It is so unfortunate what your employer is doing. I can relate to your work

as I was employed in nursing too,as you know!

I am predicting this is going to happen to me!

I have been told I would have to accept a position with a 5 dollar decrease in pay,if a position like that comes up.

Keep your chin up in hopes that in the end you will benefit.


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when i first stroked, part of my employment was as an independent psychiatric evaluator for child custody cases (i am a child psychiatrist by training) the cases that were not immediately reassigned i had to finish. although my intellect was functioning pretty normally by several months after the stroke (i have the neuropsych evaluation to prove it), almost everyone that i had to deal with in that arena thought i was cognitively impaired and tried to manipulate the situation to their advantage. boy, were they surprised when it backfired! this went on with attorneys who knew me and were (former) friends until 2002, when i decided to give up this part of my practice.


i have been working for myself since 1987 so i do not have to go through the trauma of having to deal with ignorant, unsympathetic employers and their hired gun doctors (i have other pressures) if i did, somebody probably would have died, and it would not have been me.


my heart goes out to you and to everyone else that have been raked over the coals in a similar fashion. people in the health care profession is supposed to be more sympathetic to health care issues, but obviously that's not the case



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what an ABSOLUTE nightmare!!!!!!!


i am so sorry you are having to go through this corporate and political nonsense. like you don't have enough to worry about without having to deal with this!!!!! my thoughts will be with you daily sweetie.



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I've been following your struggles with your employer and i know you postings for the most part are an effort to seek moral suport from our communitty and not advice oer se. And since I'm not a lawyer i can't help in that vein anyway. However i have a couple of observations...

In my experience with Unions over the years from both sides of the fence and currently my wife is a Union member, i have found most to be fairly aggressive in support of their membership.. particurlarly in these kind of instances. I don't know all the details here but when you say they grilled you neuro. and that the doctor lied about your abilities.. no one was grilling him/her as to any contradictions. union rep seems lame here. i'm sure you're limited within the bounds of arbitration but after the decision in reached and if you aren't satisfied can you seek legal representation of your own?

I' hope with my comments I'm not adding to your frustration. cause i know not stressful this all can be... I wish you good luck in dealing with theses folks. It's too bad people won't just do the right thing.. i will think of you in my prayers to the creator.




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