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Tomorrow IS the day




Tomorrow is the day for the arbitration. I am READY bouncesmile.gif What I must keep in mind is: stay focused, be calm and answer the question, no more, no less.

My side HAS all the EVIDENCE (medical records etc.) and my wonderful neurologist is going to BE there. Without her presence, even my medical proof would have been thrown to the dogs!!! This is what I call employer tyranny bop.gif

The victory will make it all worthwhile even if I've turned into an depressed insomniac temporarily lol_1.gif




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Good luck, and succeed, you'll be fine-deep breath!! beer.gif



don't know your age but this is from a hot flashing (45) depressed sometimes insomniac-who prays every night she'll sleep! best wishes, jan

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Unfortunately it is not over, it's just beginning. The dogs want all my medical files from the 2 other doctor's I am seeing. It is the most grueling experience and I don't know "where" or what's going to happen.

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