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I've been reading several posts about how us southerns are. Don't be fooled by the imitations!


Us southern folks can really be divided into several catagories: Southern, Hillbilly, Red Neck, Inbread, and Citified.




The southern is your catch all cream of the crop classification. This is more a mindset than a lifestyle. These are the people you see sitting on their front porch drinking lemonaid or tea, chatting away, and waving hello to people walking down the street or driving by.





These are you backwoods, live in a single room tar shack, the world can come to and end and they'll just yawn folks. They're the ones that most people associate with being southern, even though that only represent a small portion of us. They hunt for their food, grow their own garden, and think anyone who has cable is weird.


Red Neck:


This term was originally coined for the farmers and blue collar workers. Being out in the sun tended to get the back of the neck sunburned, hence red neck. These days it refers to the southerns who have very little common sense. These are the ones who would traid their food stamps for a new "black person dog" . These are the ones who would proudly display via a tatoo that they are a *beep* fighter, even though it's illigal.




There was a study done quit some time ago about Kentucky. before the highways came through the popluation was isolated due to the mountains. Who else was there to reproduce with but your family? Besides the physicall and mental problems this brings up, being inbread also brings with it a very different outlook on life.




A catch all term for a southern who now lives in a city or has been influnced by the city. They still have to mind set and values of the southern population, but have blended it with the ideology of the city.


These are some very basic examples. There's some southerns who could fit multiple catagories easy, and even some who you just don't know where they belong.


The most basic ideology of southern heritage is that it's a mindset and a way of life.


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Shame, shame Michael! You mean me, a northern bred broad, has to tell y'all that we call it "sweet tea" and y'all don't go to a luncheon at the country club where you aren't served a glass of it along with the meal. (You get coffee as well)


Also, red necks are those who drive pick up trucks with a shot gun hanging up in the cab and a big ole dawg in the rear, At home they display a confederate flag and may even have one in the truck.


Hey, these are going to be my neighbors. There is a giveaway. I don't drive a truck which many women in the south, especially, do. roflmao.gif

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Actually, sweet tea isn't as popular as one might think. And don't foget sun tea and iced tea.


I'm allergic to the stuff, so I'll stick with lemonaid.



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well here in georgia sweet tea is like a family tradition if you dont have some in frig at all times shame shsme on you, well michael that was funny now which

one are you there budd? lol i tought only alabama done the inbreeding i didnt know kentucky did dat to lol omg aight kim were waiting we know u gotta reply

and now the typical southerner does believe in iced tea yes lol and trucks

and there dawgs now u can mess with there money there lady there kids

but dont u touch dat dog lol


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what an accurate description. it's funny, but i had the same idea for a blog but you beat me to it!!!!!!! i think you left one out though, "blue blood." around here, if you aint born into certain families, no matter how much money you have, you aint accepted completely in certain social circles. "new money" is frowned upon and not accepted in these crowds. i know they gottem' in kentucky cuz i lived there for a year once. most of those "blue bloods" were in the horse industry in one form or another.


and stan, you got that expression mixed up. it's this. "don't mess with my man, my money or my kids, and not necessarily in that order!!!!!!!" wassup wit u georgia boys and your black person dawgs????????? at least yanks walk their dogs on leashes and clean up after them. AND SO DO THE CITIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!







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aight kim u asking for it here comes da big ga boot lol citified huh u jus ignorin ur true person inside u

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I know I'm just asking for a whoopin' with this next joke.....



How can you tell if a Southerner is married?....


By the tobacco stains on both sides of his truck. yikes.gif

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