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good morning america



this is what i sent to good morning americahello my name is stan i am a stroke survivor from febuary 11th 2003

i belong to a on line stroke support group which i might add

is the best support group i have ever found well my point is

i recently did a short pole on some things 50% of the people who voted agree that there is not enough attention towards strokes

like you hear everyday about aids and heart attacks but not strokes

lots of people walking around today dont reaize that everybody both young andold are subject to a stroke, this not only affects the elderly you can be in perfect physical condition like i was and still have a stroke

do with this what you may but i would like to hear more about research and development towards this matter thank you

sincerely Mr. stan tollison

please feel free to contact me with any questions and or comments


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Good for you, Stan. Maybe we should all do the same in our local papers and TV stations. We sure don't get any notice now, but if 3000 - 4000 people do it, it should start to catch on. Going to think about a letter to the editor. I've had pieces in this rag before on political things. Maybe I can get a little scratch on the surface of an unknowing (and uncaring) public. I haven't read the message boards yet, but you should put it there.
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good for u i got the email for good morning america i thought that was a national show in america if u need they are broadcarsed out of ny

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