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kuntry folks



u aint kuntry lesson u listen ta hank

one of muh fav songs long haired cuntry boy can survive

we live way back in the woods you see

the woman the kid the dawg and me

so dats why y2k dont mean a thang to me ,

drive a four wheel drive gotta shotgun rifle to

catch catfish from dusk till dawn,

we can make our own brew grow our own smoke to,

can skin a buck ( dats kim's job)

run a trout line<

see a kuntry boy can survive thers more but i foget

this is a hank williams jr song lol_1.giffrench_cig_nomo.gif


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Do you use a shotgun rifle to catch fish? That seems like shooting your foot with a handgun to get rid of a wart. DUH.


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no janice we use dynomite for the fish we knockum out then carry to kimberly in aladam bama ta clean lol


da shotgun is fer kim ta hunt deer with lol

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first of all,


i do NOT shoot innocent deer. however, i do know how to handle and shoot guns of all types and am excellent marksman on the target range. i don't own a gun, but my daddy has an extensive collection which i can borrow and i am planning a trip to georgia soon.




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oh dat right yall folks in bama go wild hawg wrestling lol wit ya 4-wheelrs right

there lil kim

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