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Tomorrow is the day



Except for a reservation snag, everything went smooth with all the planning. Tomorrow I throw my stuff in the car and take off to TN to meet my old college chums.


I've found my college album so we can relieve to "good old days". Maybe I can snag some free Disneyland tickets biggrin.gif .


It'll be me (Kathy free for 3 wonderful days), 2 other guys, and 2 gals. I just hope we didn't leave our college fun in college. It'll still be great to renetwork with the old gang.


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Sometimes we discover "the good old days" weren't really as great as our memory has elevated them to be. Hope your weekend is relaxing and recharges you to continue on with life in reality.


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Have a great time Michael and I am sure you will all get a laugh and lots of stories from your album.

Have a GREEEEAAAT time. Bonnie

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u gotta long way to go to get to disney land my friend its in florida i wouldnt go there right now they are in middle of hurricane to

goodluck with your reunion beer.gif

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