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Casualties of a vacation



Except for an unexpected snag at the beginning my weekend was great. The problem happened when I got home.


I was told that the computer was acting funny. I turned it on and the first thing I noticed was an icon on the desktop for a dialer program. Since I don't have a modem this program was boggin down the system, so I went to remove the little pest and found a nightmare in shadows.


The friend who watched Kathy let his friend play on the computer for a bit. This is a porn and Warez freak. So now my poor computer is full of spyware, adware, dialers, hijackers, a nasty little trojan, and I found a keylogger. My 3rd line firewall was compromised (I have 1 hardware and 2 software firewalls that I call my 1st line of defense - my 3rd line of defense), My virus scanner had been deactivated, and all my maintance programs had been taken off their schedules.


It's a mess and a half that I'm going to be fighting for a while. At times I miss the good ole days when all you had to worry about was things like the Green Worm and the X-mas Tree viruses.


Well, back to cleaning up the computer.


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its ok we can get dat lil puter back to factory level , do u have your restore disk?

so you can reformat i just had to do mine again, i do mine bout once a month anway good luck budd hit me up if u need help

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I had a similar problem when I went out to visit my sister in WA last Feb. I contacted a friend who knew computers, and he had me do a restore using a date previous to when I first noticed the problems. It pretty much took care of the problem, then I put passwords on the computer so nobody can get on it unless I type in the password for them, which I pretend to not remember. LOL





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Thanks for the offer to help Stan.


This was a rant blog rather than a request for help. What I have is nothing a little time won't cure, nothing surious on my system.



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