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Well nothing much new ....but YEAH it is cooler...supposed to get some rain later today or tomorrow. Has been in mid to high 80's and I just don't tolerate the heat very well..worse since the stroke. So we are going from the 80's and next week into the 60's (below normal temp).

I got all the Insurance forms completed, had notes in obvious places so I would remember to go to the Dr. and get his..I forgot to take my part in to town with me so have made 3 copies of all, got home put the copies in a file and got the set, birth certificates and all into an envelope to mail when we go to town. They sent a regular business envelope to send all the stuff back...just barely fit in there.

I was teasing with the Dr and nurse and nurse K says I can't believe you have such a great attitude and sense of humor...(cognitative deficits)

DX---internal capsule infarct...

Well our new addition "Alyese" the toy fox terrier is house trained....yep 5 days and no accidents...she is also gaining some weight. She has attached herslef to me and sits of my lap when I am on the computer. She is even winning over the min pins and has them playing with her.. I took her to town with me yestersay, she didn't like the car ride too well on the freeway, but got down on the floor. When we were in town she did get up on the seat and look out the window. The ride home was a little better. I stopped at my husbands business and she was a Big hit, the customers all made over her too...

Daughter is doing better...Dr ordered an MRI since her eye is so discolored and bloody inside...All is good, no broken bones nothing bad...just going to take time for the blood to readsorb and bruising to go away..she looks like she was hit by a bus. I was concerned, since all the freak accidents, brain injury,stroke...did not want to scare her, but so glad the Dr ordered the MRI.




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