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House shopping and traveling.



I've been in Florida for roughly 45 years - but mostly in South Florida. I am very comfortable there. In the last 2 weeks, I've gone to places in the wilderness. It amazes me how much undeveloped land there really is. Of course this is in direct contrast to the southern part of the state. Last week, it was Bartow; this week a place called Fruitland Park. I didn't want to take the interstate (I-4) - the one that gets you to "the mouse and his friends" and so took a map and planned my trip avoiding this dangerous route, even tough it was probably many miles more. As I was going, I liked the road I was on so much, I decided to go further west on it and then backtrack south to get to where I was going. (There are bodies of water you have to go around.) Actually, it seemed the same distance and I knew the type of traffic and general conditions where I was and decided to make the change. I did not jot down the names of every 2 block whistle stop I had to go through. There I was driving and not really know where I was going. I did know if I had reached Leesburg, I had gone too far. I was almost there when I saw a Dodge-Chrysler dealer and decided to ask for directions. It was a big mistake. When looking for a parking space there was just one space- a handicapped space and I am not qualified for a sticker (unlike someone who has had a heart attack and fits one of the several options given on the form. My neurological problem isn't severe enough says my neurologist for that category. They didn't have any other parking space so I thought I'd drive around the lot and try to find one a little further away. I never realized that their driveway only goes in, you park, back up and go out the way you came in. I ended up where their stock was parked, in desparation parked in an empty place and then found out, I'd have to back up a long distance to get out. Now I don't like backing up between rows of brand new cars and am worse after this stroke. I somehow did it without putting any of my maroon paint on any of their beige cars and got to where I wanted to be - right next door. Finished my business and couldn't wait to get back to the area I know before dark, At least here, there are streetlights. I'll be so glad when this house shopping is over with and I can stay home in my spare time and not travel all over the state.


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