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School Days



We made it through the first day of school ! happydance.gif I think that I was as nervous as the kids. The 8 yr old ran when the bus pulled up this morning. He has never been on a school bus before and he was not about to get on that big yellow thing. After missing the bus and taking him in to school he then would not go into his class, so Dick went in with him. We finally worked things out and got to come home. We both ran for the phone every time it rang. When he arrived home on the bus we were overjoyed that the day went a whole lot better for him after the morning incident. The 2 girls did just great, and the 4 yr. old seemed very content here at home. biggrin2.gif I hope tomorrow goes a bit smoother. I love these kids so much and want the best for them. I found myself praying that they were having a good day and were happy several times today. Their biological Mom is trying to get in contact with them. She is very angry that her rights were taken away and ........ I wish she would think of them instead of her own wants. They have been torn for so long now and need to get on to be able to grow up happy. A couple of outside family members are angry that they feel we put them in the middle of this. Too Bad I say. Stay away if you don't like it. We don't need that kind of trash in our lives right now. These poor kids need love and support, and that is what we intend on giving them. With or without these members of our "Family." angry.gif Each day is a new adventure and with God by our sides and draging us along we will make it. I promise!

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hey M&M:

u r 1 loving mom, u allr fortunate to find each other,this is win win situation for all of u, you get so much love from kids and they get family love and support.


good luck with everything



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