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All in a days work



6 AM the alarm goes off. I didn't want to get up. Had a wonderful time at the Loggins and Messina concert last night. Brought me back a few years, Ok maybe many years. Got one off to work, get one off to Jr High, get two off to elementary school and the day has just begun. I am so tired, but it is a good tired. Dick gets up and has coffee with the 4 yr old. DIck likes his black and 4yr old likes his brown, (chocolate milk.) Baby granddaughter wakes feeling much better and actually smiles for me today. She has been so sick and had us all worried. Her little 4 tooth grin is so cute. I am not prejudice or anything. Dishes and laundry are piling up but who cares the little ones are more important. They are small for such a short time. The cows won't wait to be fed though. Lunch time already? Feed the hungry mob and go check on Mom and Dad. Did they take their pills, fix them lunch, chit chat and I am on the run again. Call from school, come pick up sick child. Baby wants grandma, how do you turn her down? Pick her up and bring her along. Bus drops off other kids and the afternoon homework begins. Run to the grocery store, McDonalds here we come. Can't get myself to cook tonight. Family meeting and gripe session and get the kids ready for bed. Cried because I have neglected my husband all day. He says he is fine and wouldn't have it anyother way. We just have to get into a new routine. I love him so much. The house is quiet now and I sit and listen to the peaceful night. Just the clicking of the keyboard as I sit and ramble on. Believe it or not I would not trade my life for all the jewels in the world. I have more in this thrown together family than I could ever ask for. Thank God I am alive and able to care for them. They are my treasures, they are my life, they are my work. God bless and keep them in your care.


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You are amazing. I just have to take care of myself and it's exhausting. I now realise how spoilt I am and have no reason to gripe about my position. Take care if yourself. Vix in S.A.

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wow Loggins and messina, I would have loved it. takes me back too.


How LUCKY those kids are to have you.....It DOES GO SO FAST. I'm already regreting they don't fit on my lap anymore......At 141/2 and 13 they are my height and can pick me up! bigger feet too blush.gif

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KIM pash.gif

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