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SSI Aproved





After 5 months of waiting and a million forms, I got a call today confirming it. Also, our daughter is able to receive some benefits. Lisa has been asking about it constantly. It will be nice to tell her.


I think we have one more month to go before she comes home for good. Things are moving forward. Lisa's walking has improved greatly. I should have no problem getting the house adapted in that time. School is starting next week.

So, now on to the next step. I am starting to realize that I might need someone to be with Lisa while I am at work. She doesn't feel that way, but it would make me more comfortable knowing that she has help. Out-patient therapy won't be a problem because she will be getting it where she currently is now with the same therapists. In a few weeks, they will be coming to our house to look for any potential problem areas we might have. The layout of our home is pretty open and we have hardwood floors throughout (Thank God.)


I find that I have less to blog about these days with things looking up. Maybe that's a good thing. biggrin2.gif



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Yup, Butch, that IS a good thing that you have less to blog about. You'll probably get to the point soon where what you've learned you'll be able to pass on to a stressed-out newbie on the message board. That helps in the healing/coping process, too.



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