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A minor setback



I haven't blogged in two weeks. Not much need to.


We had a small setback this week if you could call it that. We were planning on possibly having Lisa come home for good on Oct. 1. She is just starting to transfer herself from bed to chairs and back and I think she is doing very well. But, we had her Care Conference for Sept. and OT/PT recommended she stay one more month to keep progressing. Lisa has not hit a plateau in her recovery and continues to make significant gains every week. I was all for one more month but could not let it show because Lisa was devastated. She has been in a hospital/nursing home since March 4th. She thinks she is missing out on so much. She thinks she will never leave the nursing home. I spent three hours reassuring her that it was for the best. I am have a hard time getting to her that the longer she can get therapy 5 days a week, the better the quality of life she will have when she eventually does get home. So, one more month.


And, that's part of the problem. Lisa wants me to give her an exact be-all-end-all date. It's impossible. How fast will she progress? When will her progress stop? Who knows? No one can make that decision.


She is bored out of her mind. I have suggested so many things for her to do to occupy her time, but nothing interests her. Except me, and I can't be there 24/7. Hell, it's close to that now. Every minute I'm not at work, I'm there. But, I have a schedule in place for myself that seems to be working.


The leaves are starting to change here in Minnesota. It's quite beautiful. They should reach their peak in about a week. I have really noticed change this past year.




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Glad to see you back, Butch. Your set back in one of that double sided coins....good for Lisa's physical process, hard on her mental stablity. But you are right in keeping her there as long as she can still get the intense therapy. Once she gets home, it's nearly impossible to hold down a full time job and run someone to out-patient therapies at the times they need to go.





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I have missed hearing from you, Butch.

I rememer when Patrick was still in the rehab unit of the hospital, and the only thing Patrick's aphasic brain could get out was "when?". He wanted to go home so badly, and I couldn't give him a concrete answer either. Not to mention his short term memory is not so good, so the "when?" question might has well been on a loop. Over and over and over he would ask. It's really hard to do what you know is best for them when what they want conflicts.

Take care,


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Butch, I'm a survivor and not a C/G so I can see this from both sides. Do you have a way to get Lisa to regular therapy? If you do, it may be better to take her home. True, her progress may not be as quick so she may get to the same point a little later. It's not as though she will never get there if she goes home. I feel she would do much better at home. To be honest, March was a long time ago and I believe the date has already been set back several times. IF she can get therapy, then she should come home October 1st and not stay another month IMHO


BTW, are you sure it isn't a money thing? I had to be transferred to another hospital to be near a neurosurgeon in case my bleed got worse, BUT hospital #1 insisted THEY do the MRI and MRA first. Naturally, hospital #2 had the facilities and not in a temp building way outside near the parking lot. (The wait for this possible life- threatening Their term) move took many hours before it was scheduled and then done and then EMT was called.) Could something like this be happening?


BTW, glad you are back. Always think of you and your using the term "Minnesota Nice". My Minnesota connection has not let me down yet!

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