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Lisa's TEE



Lisa had a echocardiogram to look at her heart. When Lisa first had her stroke, she was given massive amounts of steroids because she also has Lupus and her doctors thought that might be the cause. Well, that wasn't it as we found out at Mayo so now they have to monitor if all the doses of steroids had any effect on her body. The TEE revealed that her heart looks very good and shows no signs of any ill-effect. That's great.


Her mood seems to be better with having to be there another month as well. I think she knows it is for the best. She had one episode yesterday though. Lisa has been ordered by PT to start using a manual wheelchair and propel herself with her legs. Not to use the motorized one Bayshore loaned her. She was none too happy. Sure, it took her about 1/2 hour to make it down the hall and there was much crying and swear words directed at me, but damn it she made it. She does not realize that her doctor' told me that she would never walk again. I was very proud of her.




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Great news about Lisa's heart being good! biggrin.gif


You can tell her that she was spoiled with a motorized wheelchair. A few days in rehab, and only about 4-5 days out of ICU, the leg sections of my chair were removed. When I got to step- down after 2 weeks, they would push you to lunch and dinner and back but I needed snail speed and they didn't have time for that. I was again left to "walk" and pull along using the rails on the wall. Tell her, this is the way to go from now on, and real improvement.

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Good for her, I know she may not realize it is for her own benefit and see it as punishment, but the more she can do on her own, the better it will be in the long run.


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My husband's OT's and PT's have always been in agreement that pushing yourself around in a manual chair will build up and keep up your strength. Electric wheels do the opposite and are used most often when the situation requires the client to conserve their energy like with lupus and MS. So if your wife has the congnitive ability to propel herself---and it sounds like she does---it really is the best thing for her to do. My husband is 5+ years out from his stroke and he didn't get an electric chair until he was two plus years out and he only uses it to go for rides around the neighborhood and never in the house. In all other situations he uses the manual and I'm glad because the stronger physically he stays, the safer and more independant his transfers are.


Hang tough and don't give in to the crying. she's understand in time.



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I'm a survivor that had a manual chair and I'm glad I did. I wasn't supposed to walk again either..... I do unassisted. The harder it is the better it is for the survivor. Tell Lisa, taking the easy way for anything in stroke recovery is bad. It hinders in the long run.


You know, I never had much encouragement or support from my husband. I did much on my own, figured out how to do complicated things by compensating and adapting. I was angry that he never was there for me, people felt bad that my lot was made tougher. But if I'm honest, I'll admit, it sure helped me get where I am today. I am living independently, I don't drive and I still have one functioning arm. But I am doing great! All because I was on the tough road. Ignore the tears and swearing, just know that it is for her own good.


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