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Busy Weekend



Like I need anything else to do.


I paid for the supplies for the ramp on the house and have a few friends and family coming to build it. Good thing too because I am not very handy. I'm more of the muscle type.


I'm taking Lisa to get her hair cut and out to dinner tonight so she can get away for a while. Should be fun!!




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Hey Butch!

So, is October still the month? In some way, there must be some sort of feeling like "coming home is a only a theory, not something that actually happens" with as many times as you and Lisa have justifiably decided to push it back. I am sure you are both getting excited (and maybe a little nervous) for the time to finally arrive. Let it be said that I will toast my diet soda to you and Lisa as soon as I hear the words "she's home".


Take care


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