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just laugh



laughter is good for your health and soul so just laugh

i laugh at allmost anything i mean lol anything but i have been told though i have a wierd since of humor to , lol like with my first wife one day we the family were goin out to eat and me and my daughter were behind my wife at the time she tripped and just kept on rolling on and on rolling down this very little hill in the front yard all the way down to the flower box i built, i couldnt help it i busted out laughing she finally stopped rolling and got up i was still laughing lol she said what the hell are you laughing at thats not funny stop it

then i heard somebody else laughing even harder than i yup my daughter

was laughing her lil azz off well it was funny anyway wat im saying here

is to laugh not argue laugh and have fun while you can no matter your age just do it it heals your soul stop and think bout the time you were in the hospital i bet

there is something funny that happend to you i know there was to me but i cant share that here to personal but there was a time i slid out of my wheel chair on to the floor coming out of the shower and there i was butt naked with 5 nurses staring down at me with a bright red face lol i was grasping for anything to cover myself up they said dont worry we seen plenty i said well maybe so but you havnt seen me or mine and your not going to either now leave ill get up on my own and i did to just laugh your life away can you think of any better way to live, no you cant now can you so do it laugh laugh


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