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Survivor problem-toes




I was wondering if any of you survivors have this problem.. On my effected side, I am walking on my toes, b/c they curl under and will not lay flat like my other foot. I didn't know I was doing this for the longest time, due to loss of feeling on that side. Now, my little toes are in extreme pain, from me walking on them for so long. I think I will need to go see my orthopedic guy for some sort of new insole for my foot, yeah, new foot equipment. If it will help my toes I don't care what it looks like.



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Amy, my toes don't curl under, but they are extremely sensitive to cold,

If it is chilly outside the toes on my left foot get so cold they hurt, almost feels like frost bite. I have used a heatin pad to warm them up and it is painful..

Maybe you could print out some of the threads or posts on pain from other survivors and take into your doctor, luckily mine has been quite understanding.


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hey Amy:


luckily I don't walk on my hand otherwise i will have same problems with my hand fingers it always wants to curl, by the way weight bearing should relax it, that'swhat they used to tell me for my hand, try putting weight on your toe and it might open up, mine curls a little but as soon as I walk it opens up, lucky me woohoo



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I go see my PCP Wed. and I'll ask for a referrel to the ortho place. I talked to the ortho people and they said they could make me a special insole for my shoe.


I have gone to my neuro once for my pain, he gave me bacofen which didn't help, it did help relax my shoulder more for it to try to slip outta socket. I just need something to take the edge off of my fingers and toes burning all day long, but still be able to be a sober parent.

Thanks for the weight bearing tips, it sounds like you have had some good trained OT's in NDT therapy.



If this doesn't work I 'm going to the local University in town to have the grad students help me with some PT tips. My PT cousin said they are always looking for guinea pigs to work on smile.gif I 'll sign up!

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