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Halloween Costume



Yesterday, Daughter and I went to the local discount store to pick out her Halloween costume.

The past years she has been a cute Carebear, or other innocent thing. This year she wanted a harem costume. I knew it showed her belly, but I thought it was cute. If it is cold on Halloween another shirt is what we'll have to wear. Hubby freaked out when he came home and saw the 'sluty' outfit. I guess that is a Daddy's view, b/c to me the costume looks like a genie.

Not much to say..



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hey Amy:


such a cute story, ur hubby going to b e very protective of Mad, and running after boys when time comes with gun and tellin them not to be anywhere close to Mad


our son already bought darthvedar voice changer mask, and sword, he has decided to wear my black jacket which covers him from top to bottom, so his costume is set already, he is going to be darthveda of star war





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