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Familiar face



Tonight in Wal*Mart I ran into a familiar face. I knew, I knew this face from a dark, sad, Hellhole I was in, but I couldn't remember where I knew her from.


Our eyes met and I thought she knew me to, but she kept walking.


She then turned around, and said "Is your name Amy?"


Her face clicked!!! She was a survivor friend from rehab! I almost didn't recognize her out of her wheelchair. giggle.gif


WE had exchanged phone #'s, (in rehab) but I had hers in my wheel chair backpack that my hubby had threw away contents. I searched and searched, and even called wrong #'s to find her, and 2 yrs later I find her in grocery store. She looked very good. I couldn't tell she had had a stroke. She is back to work. dry.gif


WEnt back to work right after stroke.


Apparently we both received very different news post stroke. She started driving without taking $1,500 driving test and had a positive out look from doctors on her recovery.


I felt like my doctors were saying "You are a worthless cripple, shrivel up and die somewhere ..."


That is just how I took all of their 'test'


Having a stroke to me is like pulling someone off the street, getting them s-faced drunk and having them perform ADL's in front of judges. IT is HARD!! And depressing.

That is why I 'quit' my rehab specialist doc., b/c he had me suicidal after every visit!! -He was a doctor of no hope, no getting better.


And I was paying $$ to see him?? It's not like I struggled with depression/selfesteem before stroke! Give me a break!!

-He had all my freaking charts/files.

I hope it wasn't bad of me to drop him as a doctor. My Nuero and PCP are my team now. They cheer me on, and have faith in me.


**Sorry I didn't mean to bring up buried feelings of the past. head_hurts.gif




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hey that's what we're here for ... I know what you mean... if they would just give you some encouragement it would help... I think they give you the doom and gloom just to po you off enough that you will say just watch me I while prove you bast...ds wrong that's what you have to do keep on trying.. it takes time to rewire the brain but with determination and belief in yourself it can work ,, my husband is three years post stroke and he is still improving... he gets very depressed and it is extremely trying for both of us....do what you have to do to get the help that you need .. good luck

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hey Amy:


this is general suggestion don't make outsider judge you or decide what you will be pre or post stroke, I m reading right now your best life right now by joel (something), it says and I agree with it, God has sent to earth to enjoylife in complete abudence, and those drs are no God anyway, keep faith in you and God within you, nobody can make us feel inferior, we are capable human beings and for God nothing is impossible, so what they were testing you on silly stuff, think of them trying to do their job, but u know urself, and whatever part I have known, you are very caring, compassionate young lady, who is making sure her household is managed nicely with whatever limitation she got, so just ignore those drs who think something else, they are not even worth thinking about, do u think they go home and think about their patients, just ignore them, we all do comparisons in our recovery, but we all got damaged in some part of the brain, where dr thinks those functions exist, but brain is wonderful thing, mine is same as urs right part CVA and initially they thought I wouldn't be able to swallow or do accounting at home, but what do those drs know, just keep ur chin up, have faith in GOD



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