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Yeah I got my medical card



biggrin.gif Yeah I got my medical card, my Insurance starts October 1..

I have been on pins and needles hoping nothing "major" would happen to me.

My Doctor has been great taking payments and keeping office visit cost down for me, I just got his bill paid off a few months ago...took out a loan to get my teeth fixed. My husband was diagnosed with melanoma. He is a Vet so we go to Seattle for his medical care now (100 miles away) but he gets great care and now has his primary care there also. So we go there about every 3 months. We have made these trips in to a day out together and since I go with him we can use the

"commuter lanes) 2 people in a vehicle..lol

but now 2 yrs and 5 months after my stroke I have Insurance again. They will be taking the premiums out of my check but at least they are affordable.

there is a "well" check included if you do it within the first 6 months and it is covered...think I will make an appointment for the second week of October.

( this has been a bit scary without insurance)... yikes.gif


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I dont want to highjack your blog but I dont understand. How can you be without medical insurance and can insurance companies refuse to insure you? It all sound a complicated nightmare to me.


I am glad you are now insured.


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It was a nightmare...when I worked I carried our medical Insurance because my husband is self employed. When I could no longer worker I was offered COBRA which was way toooooooo expensive...Since my husband was a veteran he could get medical care through the VA. I checked into various Insurance companies and just couldn't afford the monthly premiums plus most had a pre existing clause so...we just paid for Dr. visits out of pocket which "luckily" was way less than the monthly remiums would have been..I'm sure there were a few times I should have gone in or had some other tests done, but have maintaining & keeping fingers crossed. I had Insurance from time of stroke until 3 months after. so had MRI and PT. I continued doing PT at home on my own. We own property and husband being self employed we are in that "gray" area for assistance.


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