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That's really interesting that chemical depression is often worse in the mornings than the afternoons. Do they have any idea why that is? This is going to probably sound stupid, but does it have anything to do with having the body inactive for so many hours? I remember you once blogged about how walking/jogging (can't remember which) was helped your depression.




P.S. I can't imagine what it's like to make a decision about having an implant in the brain or not. Scary stuff. My best wishes and thoughts are with you no matter what you do.

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I have a truly wonderful friend who also suffers from depression. He says:"Some people live on a sunlit plain and some live in the dark canyons." I think that is true. And what has made him so wise is the walk in the dark canyon where he has to find his own way and his own answers.

Love and prayers,

Sue. pash.gif

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