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Back to 'normal'



my blog today is about getting back to normal after having to 'fast' and prepare for a colonoscopy on Friday(yesterday). My gut and bottom hurt like h#%% last night and today. Now, I feel constipated after being empty and then being able to eat and drink again.

BTW, all is well in Janice's plumbing. yikes.gif Just a small area of diverticulitus...doc said to take fiber, duh!

Well, it'll be another 10 years before I 'get' to do that again. yikes.gif


Contrary to what you may have expected with this blog entry, I will NEVER get back to what I consider normal ever again. (in relation to my life prestroke) I"m slowing learning to accept this as fact and to try to figure out what happens now.


I'm just a grumpy melacholy person today. My a## still hurts from yesterday and things suck as they are now. sad.gif


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awww janice honey i sorry yourbooty hurts , you need somebody to rub the hurt out for ya honey? things will get better hun time heals all peace n luv to ya!!,

we your friends are here for you now yesterday tomorrow and fo-eva honey,

i gotta have one those test to but i been putting off for 2 months now

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