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Women I admire



Women I admire:

My list isn't political( for the most part)...just romantically based....

1 Nancy Reagan...for her seeming love for her husband and what she has appeared to do on his behalf.

2 Christopher Reeve's widow....same reason as Nancy Reagan

3Tina Turner..... yeah, I know she's just a singer but look what the woman has done with her life 'in spite of her man' plus she looks great!

4 The mother of the septuplets...7 kids in a litter. and she chose to keep all her embryos and not abort any of her children.

5 For that matter, any woman who choses to save the life of her unborn child and not abort is a hero to me. Innitially it's far easier to abort and pretend there wasn't anything there. But I suspect in her heart she regrets the murder of her unborn child.

6 The wives of the pioneers traveling 'out west' to unknown places, trusting their family wouldn't encounter harm.

7Ruth Graham...wife of Billy Graham She must have th patience of Job to have lived with a man traveling the world and spending so much time sharing with other people She was asked once if she ever considered divorse...her answer was no, but I have contemplated murder. biggrin.gif She obviously has a great sense of humor.


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Great list Janice.. i have to admit that i got a liitle kick out of it..One thing i've learned over the years .. .is that when someone says .' it's not about something or another.. then it generally is.. in this case.. there is a lot of poliitical matter here.. i.e.religion.. right to life/choice..stem cell research advocacy and women's rights.. i know that's not where you were going.. but it's funny how politics creeps in everywhere.. Tom


Glad to see you're feeling better


Oh and by the way... the "west' wasn't unknown back then..there were a lot of people living out there.. biggrin2.gif

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I never said anything about stemcell research or use.


BTW, if sex with Indians is InTents, does that indicate you are a native American?

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Hi Janice. I forget you're from Iowa..j/k.

I haven't started a blog yet .. i do plan to in the near future....blogs are great.. you're able to throw out your thoughts to the world.... anything you wish to say . others can read it and maybe some will respond to what you have to say .... when i do blog hopefully you'll take the time to read what i have to say and if it strikes you, maybe you'll have a comment..i hope what i have to say provokes others to comment

I was reading your blog.as i do most everyone's here..and something struck me at the time.. because American history and politics is something i enjoy and read about a lot .. i have a tendency to read those subjects into most everything people say or do.... in reading this blog.. I found it unusually ironic that two of the women you mention you most admire are both big public advocates of stem cell research..a subject that I brought up, not you. and also an issue that is in direct opposition with the right to life. I'm sure that was the furthest thing from your mind as you were blogging..but that's was caught my attention and brought about my remarks.I am sorry if it offended you.


By the way my signature is meant as a joke and to be provocative..HOWEVER i am an American Indian whose immediate (1880s) ancestors (Otoe-Missouria/Ioway) were forceably removed from present day Nebraska and Iowa to Oklahoma. Eventually we were paid pennies/acre for our Iowa land....you got some you want to sell back..smile.gif


Tom (Rezdog)

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Tom, the only land I have is what my house is on...not for immediate sale. I thought your signature was a fun pun.

I wasn't offended about the stemcell remark....because I am so unpolitical, I am, by choice, uninformed of what people's political stances are, unless that is the main thing that makes that person visible in the public's eyes. Unless their political view is posted in neon lights and printed in every paper as headlines, I don't follow that stuff. Yes, I am very much prolife, I am confused by the stemcell issue.

I tend to be not involved in things unless it directly affects me. I don't give a rat's a@@ about someone's politics.

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