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Keeping peace



Hubby and son are running the photo business. Hubby has the photo knowledge and son has digital camera/computer knowledge. Sunday they shot 3 sorority group pictures on digital for first time using digital cameras.

Hubby woke this morning in a panic atttack stewing about if the pictures were there on the memory card or some such nonsense. So, he took off driving 60 miless away to a friends place...friend has 3+ years experience with digital and our Gateway computer hadn't arrived yet...it arrived via Fed-Ex around 10am this morning.

Son is upset that dad doesn't trust him to know the camera and is worried dad thinks son screwed up. Son is sensitive to what dad thinks of him.

Hubby found out all is well with pics taken Sunday and just called to say he's on his way back to here.

Problem is, both are moody and 'sensitive' about how other's perceive them and what they do. Basically, they both are moody. pash.gifbouncesmile.gif

That's me bouncing off the wall trying to keep the two connected and translate to the other what is going on in their head. bouncesmile.gifflowers.gif


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there is your purpose, other day you were wondering what's the use of you, you can't help in anything, I think you have bigger role in your family, keeping family intact, and let communication line open between family members, so I m very happy to read today's blog, sometime when we are in midst of it, we think we are not useful anymore, but if you just step in your hubby's shoe for a minute you will realise how much he appreciates you keeping family still intact



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hope it all goes well with this picture thing for yall and also good luck with your computer you know it has mad cow desease right? lol

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