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Missing weekend chat



Before I "get into trouble" as I have been lately lol_2.gif let me state to begin with - it can't be helped, I know the reason why, and understand, but I just want to "crab" about it so I can feel better.


That having been said, and I think very clearly, I will continue.


I am very fond of chat but because I get home so late evenings, and am not here at the right time during afternoon weekday chats, I want to say, I miss chat on weekends. I have read suggestions to see who is online, send that person a PM and see if he/she would like to have a conversation, but that isn't the same thing as having several people in a group, bring up several topics etc. Well, if you're someone who goes to chat, maybe you understand.


I realize that many people have things to do on weekends and many members go to sleep early which I guess I do not. Just want to gripe - Boo-hoo, I miss chat!


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I miss weekend chats, too. Wasn't Bonnie one of the crowd that came to them? She's going to be a chat host soon, maybe we can all sweet-talk her (and Pam) in to re-instating them again....even once or twice month would be better than nothing, if it can't be done weekly anymore.



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I think that would be good idea to try to reinstitute chat at least some weekends.

In Canada the season is changing and more people may be home and indoors

on weekends to chat in the evening.

lorrainelm cloud9.gif


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I used to like weekend chat as well.

There was one scheduled for early evening EST so it was good for me 5 hrs in front.....is that right, its late here nearly 11o/c.. i shoould be in bed. I cant make the usual chat evenings as it is to late.

I am curious why more people dont use the afternon chat. It is often just Stephen and me. Good for you, Stephen flowers.gif



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I would love weekend chat too, sometime when every1 is busy at home, I would like to hang out with allwf you folks since evening chat has become difficult for me, since we eat at 8


I can volunteer to be host on sunday evevning, if u don't find any 1 to host it



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