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The Emergency Room



I spent 4 hours in the ER yesterday - No, not as the patient, but as the driver. The patient was my sister. It's a good thing she wasn't the one who had the stroke. She has no patience! Saturday evening she noticed that the drape had come off of the rod. So she tries to stand on a chair and getting up on it, steps on a rung and breaks the rung. Before the evening was over, she had the whole corner of the room torn apart. She figured one of the cats must have tried to crawl up the drape and his weight broke the plastic carriers. So she left it Ssturday night, ladder and all and went to sleep. Come Sunday morning and although she's tired, she up early attempting to fix itand she tries not to step on her nightgown (yep didn't even get dressed) and she loses her balance on th ladder and falls and thinks she had a broken leg. She tells me after her daughter calls (she does every Sundaysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss0, she is going to drive to the ER. Well, of course I said No- I'll drive her. She could stand on leg but it was painful - so after the call we took off. She had the walker she used after breaking her femur last year. After 4 hours, an x-ray and an MRI, it was diagnosed as a cracked pelvis - her 3rd.


Anyway, during this time I got lunch in the cafeteria - so-so -and then went to the waiting room to wait. It was quite busy, not much help but what got to me was most people didn't look hurt in any way. One by one they went in and came out with papers and a bracelet. I decided that they must have felt it was easier to go to the ER than make an appt. at the Dr.s office. I hope they had someone in triage there because if a stroke victim came in, they maybe would have to wait for the woman who had what looked like an overgrown pimple at her temple or the young girl who probably slept in a bad position and had a sore shoulder area, and all the others. There was a woman who maybe had a heart attack. She was sleeping on a stretcher in an area near the back and had an oxygen mask on maybe waiting for a room. No, I wasn'y nosey - she was across from the rest room and they said to get the door for my sister. My sister? the Dr. said if she could walk with the walker he'd let her go home. If not she's be admitted. What would they be able to do for her there? We even have grab bars here. Oh and the Dr. was a PA and the only one I saw. I'm so glad they moved me to another hospital. I don't like the way they do things. They had managed to make me worse (my bleed had stopped and started again and stopped again) and they decided since they didn't have a neurosurgeon , to move me where there was one- just in case.......... but first they had to take an MRI and MRA while I waited for a time and it to be done. You'd think the other hospital didn't have the facilities, I am grateful that they did that.


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Ouch! After reading this I grabbed a couple of Viactiv...chewable calcium. Falls are so scary as we ladies get older. Glad you were there to help your sister.




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Yes, she was just under in osteosporsis but maybe she has slipped the other way- she does take calcium and other stuff I think. She takes more than I do. I take a med twice and wear a patch. Used to take aspirin until this stroke- not allowed now.
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