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Might as well be.......



I can't work anymore, might as well be.....

Can't think straight anymore, might as well be........

I've given up hope, might as well be.......

Not needed anymore, might as well be......



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Dear Janice you are going to be in my thoughts and prayers. I can remember feeling like you are quite some time ago. It is very hard to pick yourself up by the boot straps and get your head together again. Please keep trying. It wiil be worth it in the long run.


MargaretMary (MM)

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and the end of each phrase is:

'might as well be...going to my shrink to change my antidepressant meds'


'might as well be...having god grant me the serenity to accept the things that i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference'


you sound like you feel really depressed. i have also felt very depressed. i hope you find solutions that that will leave you feeling less depressed


sandy cloud9.gif

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My Ray is quite disabled but doesn't think of himself that way. If anyone asks what he does now he proudly says: "retired".

Hope that will fit on the end of your sentences.

And the last line should read: "And thank God for that!!"

I do enjoy your postings and blogs very much so you surely have a lot of fans out here in cyberspace.

Sue. pash.gif

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I agee with Sue. I enjoy your postings and blogs.


Its strange, people seem to find it hard to find good things to think about themselves. A freind was telling me she was reading an article and it asked the reader to think about 10 things they liked about themselves. She said she couldnt think of one. I said I can easily think of 10 things I like about you. She is a very kind and considerate person and I dont know why she cant see it.


The point I am trying to make is I am sure you have good qaulities and you are not seeing them.



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