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10 Things I like about myself



Someone(Minime45- Mary), made mention of making a list of 10 things I like about myself...well, here goes..... I'll try to come up with 10. from 10-1






6)I try to be kind to people

5) I'm told I have a good sense of humor

4)I used to run my own photo business sucessfully....was a 6 figure gross.

3)I used to be fairly smart...could multi task and get a lot done

2) Well, it's hard to come up with any more than the one. I used to be pretty.

1) I have naturally curly hair...which means I have wash and wear hair...no fussing with curlers or getting a permanent....also, meant I didn't 'fit in' with the long straight hair fashion when I was a teen


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One from me - you are a mother with a lot of patience

Make that two - you are a loving wife.

I've read your blogs and you come across as the kind of person I would love to have as a friend.

That's three more.


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Hey Janice,

I didnt mean you to take me literally biggrin2.gif


But you see I have proved my point......You couldnt see 10 things that are good about you, but in the space of two replies you are up to ten. I am sure there will be more....

I hope you are feeling more positive now.


Just to let in to secret I dont think I could write 10 things I like about me. Lots of things I dont like...but thats a different story uhm.gif

You take care


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