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Why am I such a grouch?



Truly, Eeoore is who I am...gloomy and grumpy. A sour-puss who is as prickly as a thornbush. I don't know what to do to 'lighten up'. All I see is the shi##y person I've become with no way of changing. And little motivation to change.



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Maybe you are looking on the outside instead of the inside. Remember it is what is IN the package that counts, not what it is wrapped in.

Think sunny days, it is a lovely morning here as I wirte this to you. Absolutey super.

Hugs from OZ, Sue. pash.gifpash.gif

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Sadly, it is the inside I see, not just the outside. Ugly isn't just skin deep.

I used to like who I was but now, that person is gone.


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Janice, think it's up to you, however could it be new meds that are working in reverse such as antidepressants? Go out and buy something silly for yourself that will give you a lot of pleasure. Or, and this is bad- eat something you shouldn't. Tsk!Tsk! Shame on me for these suggestions! roflmao.gif
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You're driving now. Is there some organization or group that you might be interested in volunteering some time to? Charities are always deperate for help. And before you say that you're too disabled to do that, our niece is wheelchair bound and works one day a week answering the phones at a disability advocates office. You need to find something that helps restore you self-esteem and there is nothing like focusing on other people to help you put your own troubles into perspective. Here in our town, the local paper has a list every Sunday of groups looking for volunteers. Some projects are short term, others require a weekly committement. Find a new way to define yourself, Janice. It might not be easy to make the transition, but please know that you're worth the effort to try.



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Jean, your suggestion is good, I'll see if my Sunday paper has such a listing.

It was suggested several years ago that I volunteer for the local humane society, I'd love working with the animals, but it would break my heart the animals who are euthanized.

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