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School days, Oh those dreaded flu days



This is the one thing that I dreaded most about having kids in school again. My worst fears are already starting and school has only been in session for 3 weeks. My poor little 6 yr old is so sick, head ache, throwing up and running a fever of 102.5. She is so good when she doesn't feel well. I know a few others in this house, that shall remain nameless, that could take lessons from her. I hope I don't get it. everytime I do I end up in the hospital. My dad is having an awful time of it too. He thinks he should just get up and still work then he won't think about it and the flu will go away. There is just no keeping that old man down. I sure love him though. A note was sent home today that strep and hand, foot and mouth disease is going around school . Oh goody, sore throats and blisters. Sounds like a great itme to me.

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