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Hard to hear him say it



Today we had another part of the home study for the adoption. They asked Dick to tell about his limitations and effects from his stroke. When he started talking about how he used to work and what he does now, my heart began to break. He is such a good man. He tries so hard to be his old self and I admire his strength in both mind and body. My best friend, my soul mate and love of my life. pash.gif It is hard to hear him talk about his struggles to others. WHen we talk about it together we don't seem to get emotional. But today he started to get a bit weepy. We are so comfortable with each other that we both forget what it is like to have to talk about it with others. He has taken over doing dishes for me in the morning. I love the help so much. It frees me up to get a few other things done that I have been neglecting. My poor indoor plants have been starving for attention. (I should say my jungle, as the kids call it.)

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It might be hard to ear, but I'll bet it's good for him to verbalize it. It's part of the acceptance and healing process I think.




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