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Ten days




It is ten days since I have blogged - just nothing very much happening so nothing to write about.

My life is so boring- just a round of working cooking cleaning sleeping. I never seem to go anywhere because I am always so tired. Today I have a day off and I was meant to be going out to Sands of Forvie NNR, but I had to call off as I was so tired. I got the boys to school and went back to bad and slept until 10.15. What a waste of time. It is now 11.30 and I am still not dressed.

I dont know if I should be trying to do more exercise or less. Sometimes you can feel tired because you are not doing enough, or whether I am doing too much. I think I am not doing very much.

Its easy to blame everything on the stroke but I am not sure about this one. I find it so hard to get enthusiatic about anything. I know I need to do things but procrastinate for days, weeks even. Then I get annoyed with my self.


Sorry about the whining. I will go and shower, tidy up and go out for a walk this afternoon. I will let you know how I get on.


I have just made a Dr appt- cant get one until 4 th Oct to talk about PFO and stuff. Needless to say I havent heard from the cardiologist in Edinburgh. What a bunch they are.


I also have had an email from my best freind in Houston. She is very worried a she has not been thru a hurricane before. She spent all day yesterday getting petrol for the car and bottled water. Shops have sold out of plywood and the roads out are jammed.


So all in all maybe my life is not so bad.



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I also have sometime those days, where getting out of the bed is chore, there is nothing to look forward, for me to get out of that mode, I read spiritual books or novels, we need something to look forward to in life, just expect something wonderful is going to happen today or start planning vacation, sorry for rambling on, if you find pill to get charged up, pass it to me also or come online to chat


lots of hugs


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