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A Typical Morning



So this morning our DIL leaves for the new house, son is upstairs getting ready for work. I'm watching the news, and Rollin decides he wants McD's for breakfast. I write down what he and I want. He asks "Does Dave want coffee?" "No," I said, "I already asked." End of conversation. He leaves.


Dave comes downstairs right before Rollin walks in with the McD bag. "Oh" he says "Would have been nice if someone asked me if I wanted breakfast." Rollin immediately gets in my face and yells (YELLS!) "I told her to ask you." Ummm, no, you didn't.


Needless to say I handled it very maturely. I said "bye" and left for work an hour early!


Way to go Susan. Very mature.


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i think that the way that you dealt with the acute situation is to detach, which you did.


you handled this situation very appropriately and maturely.



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When Ray used to yell I did what you did. Walk away.

I used to have high blood pressure, the advice from my doctor was: "Just walk away."

I asked :"What about running away?". He said:"That's okay as long as you are prepared to run back."

He was a good doctor and a good friend, gone to glory now but still remembered.

Keep courage, there's a long way to go yet.

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