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Today's Drama



Hindsight being 20/20, I should have taken today off from work. But being the sole breadwinner now, I really need to work!


This was the day the movers came to pack. Moving is stressful at best, and this time around, living in our son's home, and Rollin having a strokw less than 6 months ago, was even more so.


I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but the movers had questions about several things. They were told he would be here, but he wouldn't be much help, and that they should call our DIL with any questions. She had to be at the new house all day, as the girl's new bedroom furniture, the refrig/freezer and dishwasher were being delivered/installed, along with the new pool equipment.


Our DIL had to leave there, have a girl friend come over and wait for the deliveries, and come home and deal with the movers. Sensory overload is the best term I've come up with so far. He was just overwhelmed by the five people who came in and scattered throughout the house and started packing. He had no where to sit, no quiet area to go to.


He was really disoriented and what we call "foggy" when I got home. We went to dinner, and then over to the new house to see the deliveries. He went to bed early, and I'm hoping he can recharge his batteries!


I work 1/2 day tomorrow and Saturday, so will hopefully be able to provide a little emotional support (if he lets me! (~_~)


Another day, another dollar, as my Dad used to say!


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