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Trail riding..



Kindergarten has been great for Hubby and I. We actually have free time together without precious offspring. The other day, we went Trail Riding in his 4X4 truck through the woods. It was so much fun, just the 2 of us. WE went and walked down by the AR river. I was a little wobbly on the rocks, but made it. WE went out and had lunch together. It was a perfect day. I forgot what it felt like to be a couple and not Mommy/Daddy.


Tonight, my friend from Strokenetwork, (who I won't mention) called. It was soo good to talk to her! I am so excited and happy. It is amazing how a phone call can put a smile on your face! pash.gifflowers.gif

Thanks again!


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hey Amy:


your trip sound so perfect, I m J, I think I will try it with my hubby, but I never had chance to do any couple things before or after our kido



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