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Walking to school



I have by the most part kept up my walking dd to school Kick, and even met some other Mom's in the neighborhood too.


Today was my first time this week to walk DD to school. I have been fighting with a summer head cold earlier in the week.


Today, on our walk to school, Another mom who is my DD best friend's mom is pregnant, and her morning sickness was too much to walk her DD to school.


So she asked me if I minded if her DD walked with us. I was thrilled to be competent to walk my own DD and someone else's to school! They held hand's and giggled the whole way to school. I like the pace a 5yr old walks-I can keep up with them. Today was the 2nd time I walked to school and turned around and walked back without resting for my stroke effected foot!! It is slowly getting easier!! The walk is not far 3/4 mile one way. But my stroke foot, used to get weak, and try to trip me....good 'ol foot drop! Hopefully I don't look like such a drunk when I walk. I swear if I walked around with a brown paper bag with an empty 40 oz. in it, I would look like a drunk walking the sidewalk blush.gifcocktail.gifgiggle.gif

I think I 'd rather look like a stroke survivor!



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