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My brother, the prodigal son



Entry category: Good Day biggrin.gif


My older brother moved out of state several years ago and has expressed interest in moving back, but with his family settled and not a lot of job prospects, he hasn't done so.


He's been the classic prodigal son. He's a first born. Not the best son, not the best brother, but whenever he does one nice thing for my parents they go gah-gah, yet, my younger brother and who have always been there don't get the same recognition. The two of us are not jealous (no seriously... really... I mean it biggrin.gif ), but it's fun to note of the crazy family dynamics. biggrin2.gif


Well last night my older brother (aka prodigal son) gave me a call and told me he is trying to find a job in our state and wants to move back asap. His wife and son will finish the school year at their home and move down when school is out. Amazingly, I didn't doubt his sincerity. It's the first time he's offered to help with my parents (My father also suffered a stroke 16 yrs ago, but has since recovered nicely). So for those of you out there struggling to care for a parent without the support of your sibling(s), there's hope. Time will tell what's going to happen. This is one chapter I am anxious to write about as it unfolds.


God bless. Thanks for reading. Hope this day falls under the category of "Good Day" for you, too!!!!

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Hope all is well with both brothers and your dad. Maybe the older brother has been shallo in the past, but miracles do happen, he could have changed. Don't pass out holding your breath, though. Just leave some room for that to happen.

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