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Last nite I was remembering that I love Fall. Had a couple of beautiful days weather wise here. Beautiful blue skies with a few fluffy clouds to make it interesting, nice warmish breeze, wonderfully colorful falling leaves. Last nite the kids had friends over for a campfire...nothing more relaxing and soothing than sitting by a campfire, cooking hotdogs and s'mores over the flame and enjoying good company and conversation. I have been having some extremely bad pain in my arm for a while now, and sitting with these young people and listening to them play their giutar and sing together...I enjoyed that so much and almost envy their youth and all the life ahead of them. Find myself praying for their futures. Hope we have more of these before it snows.

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Mary; Who could ask for anything more? I could almost smell the campfire.


It does maske one think about the future of the young folks; but we grew up in a different world, I think. Less complicated & additudes were less selfish. We used to go to Yosemite campground & you could leave your belongings out on the table all day long- no one would touch a thing. Now, one has to make a reservation ahead of time in order to get a campsite & if your things are left putside - well, good luck.....they'll probably be gone when you get back.


Enjoy the get-togethers all you can, toast the marshmallows & sing alongs., the kids are the ones who are making the memories now.


By the way, pass the s'mores!!!


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